The Cosmos Foundation

Cosmos FD


The Cosmos Foundation works towards changing the lives of people and uses the passion of Football and sport to educate, motivate and inspire young people, adults and communities across Wigan Borough and beyond.....


We deliver football coaching, educational programmes and personal development, providing people of all ages with opportunities to change their lives for the better.  

About us

To educate, motivate and inspire future generations to build better communities for all.We aim to achieve our goal by delivering in five key areas:

“The Cosmos Foundation recognises the important role that we can play in engaging with young people.” Lee Hilton

Our Goal

Football & Sport

We strive to provide football and sporting opportunities for school children, college and university students, adults and those with physical or mental disabilities.

We aim to engage some of the most hard to reach young people and adults in the community by delivering football & sports coaching and a range of alternative activity sessions at times when they could otherwise become engaged in anti-social behaviour.

Community Cohesion

Using football and sports, we deliver a range of programmes to improve the health and wellbeing of our local communities.


We aim to develop partnerships with local schools, colleges, universitys and sports clubs to create a real community hub, that is fit for the 21st century,delivering a range of educational programmes to primary and secondary schools and colleges using sports as a hook to engage, motivate and inspire students.


The Cosmos Foundation manages Wigan Cosmos Football Club’s and Cosmos Sports' charity partnerships maintaining  great relationships between a sports organisation, sports company and leading charities,