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In association with Wigan Cosmos Football Club and Cosmos Sports Ltd, The Cosmos Foundation are applying to secure an asset transfer from Wigan Council. The agreement would see The Cosmos Foundation take over the running and development of the Fosters Playing Fields site, located in Ince In Makerfield, Wigan.


The Cosmos Foundation aim to develop and renovate the site into a state of art sporting facility that not only boasts some of the best facilities in the area but is also affordable.


Our aim is to support Grass Roots Football and Sport and make it afforable, accessible and inclusive for all regardless of age, race, gender or level of physical or mental capacity.


Alongside our partners on the project, not only do we aim to renovate and rejuvanate the site into a modern facility fit for the 21st century but we also aim to run projects, coaching, lifestyle and education programmes that suit the whole community without exception.


We aim to develop the site over a number of years creating and developing the open space into a practical and multi use community facilty that will provide services and opportunities to our local community, schools, colleges, sports clubs and sports teams for years to come.


More Information to follow...


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