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Foundation Events

The Cosmos Foundation has a number of fundraising events ongoing and are about to launch a number of exciting and innovative initiatives as we move forward...


We also support a number of existing charities including Wigan & Leigh Hospice and Joseph's Goal, along with running, organising and managing charity events and projects in partnership with Cosmos Sports and Wigan Cosmos Football Club.


As the charity develops and grows, we will be able to develop and run events and initiatives that cater for every member of our community from cradle to grave, creating exciting and innovative initiatives within our community together.


Help us to help you...

Wigan 10K

In association with Wigan Cosmos Football Club and Cosmos Sports Ltd, The Cosmos Foundation, We're looking for runners for The Cosmos Foundation in the Wigan 10K on Sunday 4th September at 10.00 am.


Please get in touch if you're interested in running for Team Cosmos…on Facebook, Twitter or email [email protected]


We have two fantastic offers for runners who wish to represent & raise funds for The Cosmos Foundation.


For more information click here.

Stars In Their Eyes

In association with Wigan Cosmos Football Club, The Cosmos Foundation are proud to be the benificeries of the Wigan Cosmos Stars In Their Eyes.


More to follow...


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